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Why Raw and Vegan?

Raw Cakes are an ideal first step for those who want to add more nutrients to their diet – without sacrifice. If you are looking to make changes in your diet, but have a Sweet Tooth, you don’t need to give up anything right now.

Instead, you can go for raw cakes that are not just filling, but also full of nutrients. Then you will naturally loose interest in the other stuff. 

7 Simple Raw Cake Recipes

Start making delicious plant-based desserts today -

with these 7 Recipes from Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class.


Iris Zajac

5 Mini Cakes - Plant-based Entremets

Bring top- end, plant-based gourmet desserts into your home.


Simple Recipes for your Home

Many of the recipes are designed to be easy to make, even if you don’t have all the fancy equipment in the world. Most tools, you will be able to easily find in your home kitchen. Once you know these recipes, moving to the more advanced section and making your own recipes will be easy! 

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Buttercream Flower Cake

In this class you will become intimately familiar with ingredients, tools and techniques - so that you will be able to turn even the simplest recipe into a stunner.

Banoffee Cake

Through Experimentation and Repetition - the application of scientific methods combined with kitchen artistry, you start to understand each recipe from the inside out.

Metallic Raspberry Cake

A well thought out teaching map guides you through my signature system that gives you confidence to create your own recipes with ease.

Black Tahini Cake

One by one you receive all the parts of the plant-based dessert tool box - step by step, easy to understand and without overwhelm.


It’s healthy – simple, fast and healthy – and most importantly really tasty? Isn’t that great ?!

And the pleasant bonus of desserts is Iris – and that they are beautiful!

Check it out -it’s very easy!

On Iris’ course, everything is very clear and accessible, everything works out for me even without translation into my own language (Russian), and I prepared almost all the desserts from the collection!

It always turns out! And always tasty! 👍🏻

Dalia Saliti, Russia

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Dark Chocolate Truffles

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