How to Make Date Paste

Date Paste is an all- natural sweetener that you can make at home and use it to sweeten your desserts, drinks or add as a sweet flavor profile to your other dishes. 

In "Iris Science 3.0" we use the Date paste to flavor our dehydrated Banana Crusts or as a foundation for Date Caramel. 


Dehydrate Banana Pie Crusts - Raw


Preparing the Date Paste is super easy, this is what you need to do:

1. Soak Medjool Dates in water for 1 hour.


Soaking Dates for Date Paste


2. Blend re-hydrated dates with a little water into a paste.



You can use your dates whole, or alternatively if you would like to achieve a more refined paste, you have two options:

  • Peel the soaked dates
  • Strain the blended paste through a fine mesh strainer or chinoise


Strain Dates for Date Paste


Both options for the refined paste will remove any peel, which interferes with the smooth texture of the date paste, and hence will allow us to use the paste in more delicate recipes as well. 

When it comes to flavoring your date paste, warm spices are perfect, as they match perfectly with the sun-warmed, malty aromas of the dates.

Examples for potent flavor combinations could be Cinnamon, like we use here, cardamom, vanilla or even a hint of cayenne but you could also use Extracts like Butterscotch to add depth of flavor to your recipe. 

You can also control the fluidity of your date paste, simply by adjusting the amount of water that you use in the recipe.

For our banana crust, we are using a thinner paste, however if you wanted to use the date paste as a sweetener, you may want to reduce the water content, which will also increase the sweetening power. 


Banana Pie Spread Date Paste


Due to the high fiber content of the dates alone, we really don't need to add too many thickeners to our date paste, however you can play around with the texture by adding saturated fats like coconut oil, which will help us create the foundation for a date caramel. 

TIP: Choose your ingredients right!

  • First of all, we are using Medjool Dates here as opposed to other varieties of dates. Medjool dates are large, fleshy and it is easy to remove the pit, which helps us in production and recipe preparation. 
  • We use semi-dehydrated dates that are re-hydrated in water. You could also use soft dates which would not need re-constitution. 
  • When pairing your date paste with spices like cinnamon, quality is key. always taste your spices (and the dates) first before using them in your recipes - this will give you an idea of how everything will come together when combined.
  • Not everyone may know this, but there are quite a few varieties of cinnamon for example, it is not just one spice. This is similar to mint, which also has so many different varieties. So make sure to find a variety, supplier or brand that you like and can rely on. This will help you create more consistent recipes in the long run and make you more familiar with the ingredients that you use.