Iris' Science 3.0

Iris' Science 3.0

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In this 3rd Edition - Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class was Completely Transformed and Extended.

Using the Example of (raw) vegan desserts you learn the art of Recipe Creation. 

Once you completed the program you will not only know with certainty how to create your very own, personal dessert recipes, but you will also know how to apply these principles to all types of food preparation as well. 

Course Content

  • Preliminaries: Get ready to start the course. In this chapter, you will make sure that you are all set up before starting the program. 
  • Setting Foundations: An Introduction to kitchen fundamentals. Learn basic kitchen skills as well as some basic vegan replacement recipes and get your kitchen set up right.
  • Introducing Flavor: Decide on the featured flavor in your recipe, learn to pair it with other flavors, and ensure your recipe is balanced - to ensure it will be the tastiest recipe you imagine.
  • Regulating Textures: The combination of a multitude of textures is what makes your recipes interesting. In this pillar, you will become familiar with a variety of textures and how to achieve them through raw - techniques.
  • Innovating Design: Come up with new cake and dessert designs by knowing some of the basic techniques and components that you can use to decorate your cake.
  • Styling Plates: Create plates that are pieces of art by following simple plating principles, knowing hot to plate sauces, and using delicious edible garnishments and elements of surprise.
  • The Building Blocks: Get to know the Building Blocks of raw + vegan dessert making, so that you can easily start building your own desserts. 
  • Recipes: Learn from a catalog of complete recipes. Start to execute some of the recipes and learn which ones are your favorite to make your own. 
  • Completion: Create your own Dessert Recipe and Receive Certification for this class. Understand what the secret Sixth Pillar is.

What you will learn

  • Iris' Science: The 6 Pillars of Recipes Creation
  • How to apply the Pillars to the Building Blocks of (raw) Desserts
  • Practice preparing recipes using my pre-made example recipes Learn how to formulate and design your own dessert recipes
  • Formulate and design your own dessert recipes

What you will be able to do

  • Apply what you learned for desserts to any type of recipe, cuisine or food that you want to prepare.
  • Choose the tools and equipment according to what you need - and save money while doing so. 
  • Find the best ingredients available to you.
  • Create your Favorite Flavors and Flavor Combinations.
  • Manipulate ingredients to create different textures.
  • Combine Textures in an interesting way.
  • Beautifully frost, glaze and decorate your desserts.
  • Make raw chocolates in all it's different colors, shapes and consistencies.
  • Create beautiful plates.
  • Adapt existing recipes according to what you have available and like.
  • Create your own Recipes.
  • Always have new Ideas for new Recipes, Desserts and Designs.
  • Innovate in the Field of Dessert Making. 
  • Know the secret sixth aspect or pillar.

Learning Materials

  • 9 Chapters
  • 150 Lessons
  • 250 Videos
  • 28 Assignments
  • 7 Quizzes
  • 1 Certificate

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