Hi. My name is Iris.

I am a Vegan Chef, Law Student, Owner of a Marketing Agency, and Creator of Iris' Science 3.0 - a System for Recipe Creation using the example of (raw) vegan, plant-based desserts. 

I was into cooking for a very long time. I cooked in many kitchens, and I took many classes on vegan cooking. I even worked in a leading global plant-based culinary academy for more than 4 years, leaving as the Director of Education.

Yet, in all the classes that I have taken, I felt there was something missing.

The focus was too much on Recipes as well as Techniques.

And while these are fine and of course important, what I felt was missing, was a system that would tie together all the theory and techniques in a way that made it easy and clear for students to create recipes on their own. A system that gives students the confidence to do so, to be creative and to have a system to follow to do so.

With Iris' Science 3.0  - this is what I aim to achieve. 

Iris' Science

My signature system in this class is founded on the following Pillars:

1. Setting Foundations

2. Introducing Flavor

3. Regulating Texture

4. Innovating Design

5. Styling Plates

6. The secret Sixth Pillar is something that I am not revealing and has to be discovered in one's own experience by going through each step of the program. 

As you can see the acronym is S. I.R.I.S. ' - to keep it simple Iris' Science. 

In class, these pillars are applied to (raw) plant-based desserts, that are not only healthier but also colorful and so attractive, and delicious - especially when following the steps to create your own recipes!

As you can see this is the Third Iteration of this course. 

This course developed from teaching many students from all over the world and seeing their circumstances, challenges and focus. It also developed from my own journey of learning to prepare desserts and create recipes in all kinds of kitchens and under all kinds of circumstances all over the world. 

In this way, what was only a 12-video program in its first iteration has now developed into a full-blown program with around 240-250 videos and 150 lessons.

Of course, I know not everyone is ready to make a commitment to such an in-depth program, and hence I also offer shorter courses that are based on the Full Program and can be accredited to it, and I will offer single recipe lessons too.

How this class developed:

  • From 2014- 2018, I worked at a leading global Vegan Culinary Academy, leaving as their Director of Education. I learned everything I thought there was to know about raw cuisine at this time. Little did I know, how much more there was to learn.
  • In 2017, I was invited to teach a Class on raw vegan desserts for a Russian audience. Creating my own class, this was the first time I realised that there was so much more to raw desserts, than I imagined.
  • In 2018 my first Iteration of "Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class" launched. Simple, 12 Videos. And again, I was shown how much I had to still learn and develop.
  • In the years from 2018 - 2021, I expanded the original class with all the different techniques that I was learning and refining. I continued to add recipes, and slowly the program grew to something much bigger than what it was originally.
  • In 2021, it became clear that the large program that it had become, now had to be organized and structured in a new way that maximizes the learning potential for students. Hence I created my signature system (thank you so much to Mike Murphy and your online programs, to help me to do that). 
  • In Summer 2021, just after I had finalized the structure of the new program, I visited a Tibetan pilgrimage site in the Himalayan mountains. I was sitting in front of the caves when I had a call with the film team from Veecoco. It was a perfect match.
  • In November 2021, we filmed the whole program, and the videos were completed by June 2022. Thank you so much to the Film and Editing Team for all the hard work.
  • From June 2022 - September 2022, I have been working hard on finalizing all the study materials for the class based on the videos and previous course notes.
  • Last, but not least, I want to mention, that in all this time preparing for this class, it was important to me not to take on any other classes. I wanted to ensure that the content was original. I didn't want to compete with other teachers or get into any bad feelings as to where the content came from. In my work in both marketing and law, I had seen way too much ill will because of such topics. However, what that meant, in this time of creating this class, so much doubt came up to me. I had so many obstacles, so many difficulties, and challenges. Hence, I want to thank Jordi Bordas, who's class I took in January 2022, because his class resolved my doubts. It was great to see that we all go through the same processes.

Now, I feel fully confident about sharing the content of Iris' Science with you.

And I am excited to launch this September 30th in its Third Iteration.

Schools that I graduated from (related to Cooking):

  • Matthew Kenney Culinary
  • Rouxbe
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Jordi Bordas

Watch the Interview on my vision behind Iris' Science 3.0 here. 

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