Chocolate Cherry Cream Cake

Chocolate Cherry Cream Cake

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I want to warmly welcome you to the Free Taster Recipe.

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I have decided to offer one of the very simple lessons (a hyper delicious recipe) of my previous online plant-based desserts course to You.

Currently I am working on getting the new course "Iris' Science 3.0: Tune into the Algorithm of Recipe Creation" ready, which is why I have decided to stop offering the previous version of the class.

This new program will mean such a shift and really a jump in terms of curriculum and structure, that I really want to place all my efforts there.

However, it means that you are in luck, because in the meantime I wanted to make sure you can still enjoy a tasty dessert and share it all around with your friends, family - or keep it all to yourself.

I hope that this will get your juices going, that you will want to have more fun in the kitchen and of course that you will get just as excited as I am about creating delicious healthier plant-based desserts :).

I truly hope that you love this super rich and decadent chocolate cake recipe, and that it will get you to start thinking of all the different options that truly are available to us when it comes to making desserts. 

Most importantly, Please Enjoy this Recipe to the fullest!

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Ingredients Tips

This Cake is supposed to intensively taste of Dark Chocolate.
For this recipe, ideally, we use raw ingredients. Raw cacao is very different to roasted cocoa. You will want to keep that in mind when ingredients shopping. And also, the nutritional value is entirely different (so much higher with raw cacao, of course). What is important to know is that taste and quality of raw ingredients differ each time. Check if your cacao is more subtle or potent, or maybe rather acidic in flavor and adjust accordingly. I like to use the type "Criollo Cacao" which always gives great results!

If you find that your filling tastes more of coconut oil than of cacao powder, please add more cacao powder, so that the cacao is the main flavor component in this recipe.

Also, please check your coconut oil before adding it to the recipe. There is nothing worse than rancid coconut oil overpowering the whole recipe. Yikes. If you want to play it safe, you can use deodorised coconut oil, which is lower in nutrients, but will keep you on on the safe side flavorwise.




200g Pecan meal

30ml Maple Syrup

20g Cacao Powder

Pinch of Salt

2g Vanilla Extract


280g Cashews, soaked

100g Coconut oil

80ml Maple Syrup

120ml Water

5ml Vanilla Extract

40g Cacao Powder


225g Dried Cherries

or Cherry Jam (see Bonus lesson)


Use a food processor or the dry ingredients jar of a high-speed blender to blend the ingredients for the base.

Cover a 9 – inch tart pan with cling film or parchment paper. Add the base and press down firmly, smoothing out the edges with your finger tips. 

Let the crust set in the fridge while working on the cream.

Blend ingredients for the cream in your high- speed blender. Start with maple syrup, water and vanilla powder.

Then add cashews. Then cacao powder. Stream in coconut oil last.

Pour the cream on top of the crust and spread it out evenly. Give it a tap to get rid of any air pockets.

Top with dried cherries.

Set in the fridge for 4 h.


It may be that some ingredients are not available to you locally. No worries at all, here are some alternative options for you. 

While I offer you substitutions in each recipe, please note that the final result of your recipe will always differ from the result of the original recipe, as each component acts differently - in both flavor and texture.

  • Pecans: Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts
  • Maple Syrup: Agave, Honey
  • Salt: Omit
  • Vanilla Extract: Vanilla Powder, Vanilla Bean
  • Cashews: Almonds. Sunflower Seeds
  • Coconut Oil: Cacao Butter
  • Cacao powder: Cocoa powder
  • Dried Cherries: Fresh Cherries, Berries


Flavor Affinities

The main flavor in this cake is of course chocolate.

Here is some inspiration of what else but cherry you can pair this cake with:


brazil nuts
brown rice syrup

maple syrup
passion fruit

Decorating Ideas

All of the below images are pictures of the above cake recipe. Really? Truly! You can see how much can be done by using different decoration techniques.

Here are a few ideas to get you going: 

  • Add Jam in the middle as an insert or as a top layer. 
  • Decorate with fruit in half circle or circle shape.
  • Add half of the filling first in a small, tall ring mold. Then add fruit facing outside. Top with the other half of filling.
  • Glaze Cake with Dark Chocolate or Mirror Glaze
  • Frost Cake with Buttercream
  • Prepare Recipe Entremet Style (makes 8-9 Entremets)

Bonus Recipes: Jams

As a Bonus, I want to share these two simple Jam Recipes with you. You can simply use them as in the images above instead of topping your cake with the dried cherries. 

Dried Cherry Jam


100g Dried Cherries, Soaked

2.5ml Vanilla Extract

Water as needed


Blend all ingredients until they become a jam.

Alternatively you can also use Fresh Cherries and blend them with Dates.


Fresh Berry Jam


250g Fresh Berries

42g Agave to Taste

30g Chia Seeds


Blend half of the berries into a puree. Add agave, optionally vanilla to taste. 

Move the puree into a bowl. Stir in chia seeds, carefully ensuring that all seeds are evenly spread throughout the puree. Cut up half of the other berries into small dices or chunks, stir into the jam.

Let sit in the fridge, covered air tight, to allow the chia seeds to gel up the puree. 


Did you have fun creating your cake? I hope so!

Did you get a tiny bit creative with the different options that you have at hand for decorating your cake? 

Did you, your friends or family enjoy eating it?

I truly hope so :).

If you happened to take any pictures of your beautiful creations or would love to share your experience, I would love to see and hear! 

You can email me at


Bonus: Live Stream: February 27th 2021: Chocolate Cherry Cream Cake 

And here is another Bonus for you :) I know it is a bit long!

In 2021 I was hosting a few Live Streams in my Facebook Group.

I am planning to do more once the new Course is out, in the meantime you can re-watch and skip through the Live I did on this recipe here :).

And of course you are so welcome to join the Group as well for the next Event to come.

 Topics Covered in this Live Stream:

  • Chocolate Cherry Cream Cake (part of Original Recipe Series in this Class)
  • Cherry or Berry Chia Jam (part of Jams Section in this class)
  • Basic Equipment: Ring Mold, Fridge, Blender
  • Ingredients Usage: Shopping, Tasting, Testing
  • Creating Own Recipes: Weighing and Taking Notes
  • Frosting Cake with Medium Buttercream (in Buttercream recipes of this class)
  • Placing Buttercream Flowers and Decoration



PS: My apologies for the sound and setting in the video :D You will see how far we have come in the new course.

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  • flavors, their balancing, pairing and how to capture and introduce it in your recipes
  • textures, the different states and how to achieve them using minimal processing while maintaining maximum nutrients
  • creating your own cake decors and designs using staple components - with lots of ideas and inspiration
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  • adapting existing and creating your own recipes with confidence
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