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Iris Zajac

Heiligenstädterstraße 90/87/9,

1190 Wien, Austria

Tel: +43 660 96445461



Company Objectives

  • Advertising Agency
  • Sale of Online Classes
  • Maintaining contact to the school's alumni


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Memberships in the Chamber of Commerce organization

Member of WKÖ, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Branchen- und Netzwerkmanagement, Sparte Information und Consulting


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Professional law: trade regulations: 


Supervising Authority

Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XIX. Bezirkes


Purpose of the Website

Raw Vegan Cakes Class aims to sell and market Online Classes and Ebooks as well as to inform the public about plant-based nutrition.


Job Title

Advertising Agency


Online Dispute Resolution Information

Consumers have the option of submitting complaints to the EU's online dispute resolution platform: 

You can also send any complaints to the email address given above.



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All of the above provided by Iris Zajac, herself. 

Vienna, Austria.


Last Edited: October 2022