Entremet + Petit Gateau

Entremet + Petit Gateau

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This video class is an introduction to Iris' Science 3.0.

Petit Gateau - or Mini Cakes are, french-style, small size desserts, that belong to the category of entremets. 

Entremets are the most exquisite and fine way of preparing cake in traditional french pastry. All the techniques of pastry-making come together with the highest level of refinement and skill in order to create the most beautiful edible pieces of art.

This class gives you an introduction to my Signature System from Iris' Science.

My 5 Pillars fo Recipe Creation, alongside the Building Blocks of (raw) vegan dessert preparation build the foundation for the recipes in this class:

1. Setting Foundations

2. Introducing Flavor

3. Regulating Texture

4. Innovating Design

5. Styling Plates

If you want to learn how to make incredible desserts in your home now, and are not ready to dive into the full-blown program with all the details, this class is for you. 

This is what you will learn:

  • Basic Component: Jams
  • Basic Component: Caramel
  • Basic Component: Chocolate Ganache
  • Basic Component: Mirror Glaze (!)
  • Basic Component: Colored Decorative Chocolates
  • Pumpkin Spice Cake
  • Dark Chocolate Cappuccino Entremet
  • Matcha Tiramisu
  • Almond Butter Fingers
  • Lavender Cheese Cake 

In addition, I will introduce you to the basic set of kitchen tools that you need to get started with preparing raw plant-based entremets in your home AND in a case study on the Lavender Cheesecake, you will receive inspiration for different styles of presenting your desserts. 

This class contains:

  • 49 Lessons
  • 36 Videos
  • + a downloadable PDF with 72 / 144 Pages including:
    • Summary of the Course Videos
    • Equipment List
    • Recipes
    • Ingredient Ratios
    • Nutritional Information
    • Tips
    • Flavor Affinities
    • Substitutions
    • Decorating Ideas

See Course Overview Page.